Solar energy for the home

Solar systems capture the sun’s “free” energy and direct it to where you want. In the process, it turns you into a planet-friendly money saver, reducing not only your carbon footprint, but your energy bill too.

What we do

Solar energy systems are developing fast and becoming more cost-efficient by the year. Right House can recommend a system that delivers the best, latest and most affordable technology so you can start generating your own power in next to no time. It’s good for the environment and a big chunk of your power bill will disappear into thin air!

Three important questions:

1.  Is my home as energy efficient as possible right now? Is it properly insulated? Knowing how all the different elements of your home work together is a key to being energy efficient.

2.  Is it worthwhile switching from incandescent light fittings to energy efficient light fittings, designed specifically for energy efficient bulbs?

3.  When all the costs are taken into account – will I really save money by using solar?

The Right House experts can help answer these questions and many more. If you’re after energy savings, also talk to us about insulation and efficient home heating options – two great places to look to save on energy costs. Right House are part of the Mark Group. We’ve helped over two million families have warmer, cosier homes. Why not ask us for some free advice?