The Right House WHOLE-HOME design approach

We take an integrated approach to offering advice on energy efficient home design and performance. We call it the Right House WHOLE-HOME design approach. There is so much more to creating a wonderful place to live than just asking your friends over a barbeque – let us explain…

First, we look at WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU? Your values, priorities, lifestyle and how you see the future all play an important part.

Next, we look closely at ASPECT - how your house is positioned and how best use can be made of free energy sources like wind and sun. The prevailing wind, shade patterns, surrounding buildings and vegetation are all important factors not to overlook.

The DESIGN of your home, whether an existing house you’re looking to improve or one you’re building from the ground up, we can help you understand how floor plans, window positions and traffic areas have an influence on the ideal energy efficiency solution for you.

What we call PASSIVE SYSTEMS can often be some of the biggest winners when it comes to easy gains in both family health and comfort as well as cost efficiency. Insulation, lighting shafts and double glazing are all good examples.

The final step is considering your ACTIVE SYSTEMS. These are those products and systems which you ‘actively’ control. These are things like heating solutions, cooling systems, water heating, lighting, appliances and your own electricity generation.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when choosing, so the smart thing to do is talk to us early. For example, did you know that the same boiler that can heat your home hot water can also run central heating radiators and an underfloor heating system?

Did you also know that by choosing the right type of ducted air conditioning you’ll not only be able to be toastie and warm in the winter, but your family can be cool right through summer too?

Let us talk to you about a complete, integrated, energy-efficiency plan for your home – one that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Better yet, our advice is free.